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Translations and interpreting for LAWYERS

A professional service to assist law firms with translations into more than 40 languages of various types of documents such as summons, appeals, sentences, patents, contracts, powers of attorney, corporate documentation, notarial acts and legal documentation in general from and for abroad, with asseveration and legalisation if required.
We can also provide interpreting services for hearings, negotiations and all other linguistic needs.

Translations and interpreting for NOTARIES

Linguistic assistance for notary firms for translating deeds of sale, articles of association and corporate by-laws, powers of attorney, wills and notarial acts in general.

Interpreting services for contracts and assistance during signature of notarial acts.


for all document and all certificates from and for abroad, at courts, prefectures and prosecutor's offices, giving the translated documents authenticity and legal value. Through a number of our collaborators in Rome and Milan where the most important foreign representatives are based, we can also provide assistance for legalisation at foreign embassies and consulates.

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